“A day I have been waiting a LONG time for!! Backed Stella today with the help of my ground teammate Deirdre! Not a single bronc and all smiles. And man can she move!”

~Kristin Carpenter

Meet The “Real” Owners of Wits End

Benji the Eventing Donkey

Q. What are your jobs on the farm?

A. I basically run the place, they couldn’t do it without me. I visit all the pastures on a regular basis to ensure that the occupants are behaving. I taste all the horses feed to ensure no poisonings occur. I accompany “A” to the arena to make sure all the babies are bombproof. Recently, I picked up the lunge whip and chased a young Labrador around the arena adding excitement to her riding which she would not otherwise have. I often go on trail rides to scout ahead for vicious varmints, you never know where they are lurking. I chase the sheep to give them some needed exercise – fat lazy things that they are. I exercise the broodmares. It is a little known fact that I am a cross country mini donkey. I jump fences in the arena AND natural obstacles. Yes, without me, Wits End would fall to pieces. Lucky for them they found me. Some say I am not a show quality mini donkey because of my crooked legs, but when the FEI finally heeds my requests and starts the Mini Donkey CCI****, I am poised to win, hands down! When you see our horses leave the farm and garner those top platings, it is because they were schooled early on by me, Benji.

Milkshake, Thorne and Gizmo

Q. What is your job on the farm?

Milkshake: I’ll speak for all of us. Thorn and Gizmo don’t consort with humans. We’re basically the incarnation of naughtiness – Loki, Anansi, Coyote rolled into one. Heh, heh. Remember the time we turned the gator on and drove it through the fence? That was rad!!

“A”: I don’t understand how that constitutes a job?

Milkshake: Heh, heh, look at you using all those big words like constitutes! Hehe, heh. All places need a little Cain to be raised. That’s us!

“A”: Well, you certainly are good at raising Dale’s blood pressure.

Milkshake: Ahhhh, that dude takes life way too seriously.  Chill out man.  Life’s too short and all that stuff.

“A”: Well, thanks Milkshake, I think that says it all.

Milkshake: Like, no problem, anytime.  Where’s the gator parked anyway?

Penny, Tiko, Otis and Agnes

When they are not wallowing in the mud, begging for scratches or snuffling., our adopted potbellied pigs teach the horses that pigs actually DO NOT eat horses.




2000 Tamed Grayson Highlands Mountain Pony

Foal Babysitter Extraordinaire.  Super weaning champion….watch the video to learn his closest guarded secrets……


2006, 14h Mule

Stallion Babysitter


Clifton Bollinger

1996 New Zealand Thoroughbred

Retired due to injury, Bollie now spends his days teaching our babies manners and getting patted.

Buford, Hoppie and Charlie

a.k.a the baaaaaaaaaddd boys

Q. What is your job on the farm?

A. Buford: I am an attack sheep, a little known variety. I ward off goats and Labradors by butting them solidly with my head.

Q. Really, I thought I bought a mini babydoll Southdown sheep?

A. Hmmm. What about you Hoppie? Hoppie: Whatever Buford says. Charlie? Charlie: I make sure to graze the pastures thoroughly. You may think I’m enormously fat, but it’s all in my wool. I sear it. I share grain with the horses. Supposedly, horse grain hills us, but so far so good. I sleep in the cool woods when its hot. Sometimes I lay in a tall patch of grass and eat the grass around me. It’s a full time job, but I take my work seriously. It’s a tough life being a sheep. Buford: Well spoken Charlie.

*Buford, Hoppie and Charlie are not longer with us.  We miss their fuzzy faces.