“A day I have been waiting a LONG time for!! Backed Stella today with the help of my ground teammate Deirdre! Not a single bronc and all smiles. And man can she move!”

~Kristin Carpenter

Irish Lace

(Wild Surf x Parkside Miss by Prince O'Morn)

Irish Lace (“Lacey”) is an off the track thoroughbred who was “A”‘s first upper level mare and who took her adult amateur owner safely through the CCI** level.  Lacey schooled Advanced with ease and was always smart and careful of her rider.  She is our founding broodmare.  Now retired from breeding she is babysitter extraordinaire and the go to disciplinarian, keeping all our babies in line with a healthy dose of tough love!

Career Highlights:Grade 3 Event Horse

Galway Downs CCI* 5th Place

11/2001 Ram Tap Open Intermediate 8th Place 04/2002

Competed CCI** Galway Downs 10/2002

Her 2013 filly, Roman Holiday, is by our own stallion Royal Alyance who is now gelded and competing with Sharon White.  She has her mother’s gallop and her father’s trot and should have both of their love of jumping.  Rolex, here she comes!

Her 2012 filly, Ladyhawke, is a gorgeous girl with long legs and a stunning trot.  She is by the Oldenburg stallion, Coronimo, who we find crosses extremely well with our thoroughbred mares adding height and giving them a great disposition.  Ladyhawke will compete and then return to the breeding program.

Her 2011 filly, Femme Fatale, is a full sister to The African Queen by Formula One and is going to be another brave, stunning mare.  She is bred to win at the CCI**** level, and we hope to see someone take her there.

Her 2010 colt, Rabble Rouser, by Virginia Tech’s super stallion Royal Appearance is one of the nicest horses we have bred.  A stunning mover with a great temperament, he was unfortunately kicked in the hip as a yearling.  The hip fractured and then slipped.  The orthopedist at Virginia Tech was not sure he could be saved, but we brought him home, put him on stall rest, and he gallops around today with only a slight hitch when he makes sharp turns.  Because he is easy to handle, well bred, and stunning, we kept him a stallion, and his first foals will be on the ground in 2015.  Can’t wait!

Her 2008 filly, The African Queen, is by Denny Emerson’s Irish Sport Horse stallion, Formula One.  Africa excelled early in competition and was sold to Carol in 2014.  We look forward to seeing them out competing together!

Her 2006 colt, Rascal, was a handsome boy who had to be put down after he broke his leg in a flat grass pasture.  Dr.Dave Berry, an equine orthopedist who was working at the time at Virginia Tech, tried his best to save Rascal, but, after 2 surgeries, it was not to be.  We are still sad.



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