“A day I have been waiting a LONG time for!! Backed Stella today with the help of my ground teammate Deirdre! Not a single bronc and all smiles. And man can she move!”

~Kristin Carpenter

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Carmen came to us as a nine year old having retired from the track and having passed through two previous homes. After some down time, she was put to work and immediately showed talent for eventing. She has a great work ethic and an incredible mind. We debated keeping her in training and moving her up the levels despite her age since she shows such aptitude (as Jim Wofford said – she’s a smart one), but her base talent and phenomenal pedigree make her too valuable to let out of the breeding program. In addition to an impressive lineage, Carmen is a guaranteed single copy large heart gene carrier and has at least a 50% chance of being a double copy carrier.

Chessmaster (2017) by Chicardo

Chaos Theory (2014) by Coromino

Dixie Diva (2011) by Cicera’s Icewater




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