“A day I have been waiting a LONG time for!! Backed Stella today with the help of my ground teammate Deirdre! Not a single bronc and all smiles. And man can she move!”

~Kristin Carpenter

Breeding Evaluations

As we at Wits End Eventing began to look at the myriad choices for breeding our mares, Dale (being an MIT/Stanford trained Engineered) and “A” being a pediatrician and biochemestry major decided they needed a more scientific way to make breeding decisions.  Starting when the international three day eventing format changed from the classic to the short format, Dale creased a database that includes every horse who has competed at the CCI*** and CCI**** and their ancestors, a number of horses currently sitting at over 12,500.

Since only 10% of sires and 2% of mares have multiple progeny at the CCI**** level, it is essential to look beyond the first generation to understand what ancestors contribute to the highest level of success.  Our database, combined with the power of line breeding in the 4-6 generations, is the key to our breeding program.  The database allows us to extract common ancestors from the thousands of 3 and 4 star horses, compare them to the ancestors of our or your mare, and choose a stallion to increase the odds of replicating matches that have led to success.

We are now offering our pedigree analysis service so you can produce your own upper level eventer.  The service costs $250 and includes the following:

  • analysis of important ancestors in your mare’s pedigree
  • conformation and movement analysis
  • a minimum of 3 stallion suggestions

In addition, we can perform pedigree analysis of prospects you might be looking to purchase for your next upper level mount.  We have analyzed horses for many upper level riders during their European shopping trips.  Pedigree analysis of prospects is $100 and provides you a complete analysis of blood percentage, important ancestors, and comparison to current, successful upper level horses.

We also offer broodmare management to ensure a happy healthy pregnancy, foal raising, and young horse training.



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Gentleman Jim WE

(Rabble Rouser x Reality Happens by Cutlass Reality)

(2017 Colt) Gentleman Jim (aka Paddy) was born on St. Patrick's day and named for Irish American "Gentleman Jim" Corbet, a bare knuckle boxer that was the World Heavyweight Champion from 1892-1897.  Paddy is extremely friendly, slightly cheeky, with a fabulous trot...

Comet Valor WE

(Rabble Rouser x Comet Swinger by Comet Shine)

(2017 Colt) Comet Valor (Soldier) gets his name from being born on Memorial Day.  His sire, Rabble Rouser, is a 70% TB cross with excellent TB and jumper bloodlines.  His dam, Comet Swinger, is by Comet Shine who sired Becky Holder’s Courageous Comet.  Extremely...

Chessmaster WE

(Chicardo x Chequer Account by Private Account)

(2017 Colt) Chessmaster (barn name Chuck) His dam, Chequer Account, has an impressive jump and is a lovely mover.  In addition to her impressive lineage, Carmen is a guaranteed single copy large heart gene carrier and has at least a 50% chance of being a double copy...